The path back


To begin with I should give some history as to how I got to here.


I began writing a blog using a tool called Blog. It was a software tool that allowed you to write blog entries and then upload html files to your server. It is very good doing pretty much everthing from a simple screen.
However the files would become a large upload once you had hundreds of posts. Each time you posted an entry to a category a file with all those entries would be uploaded as well as the entry and the current month. Each month all the files would be uploaded, to update the archives menu, an inherent problem of using static files.
But you could blog on

Roll your own WordPress

The next stage was to install and run my own wordpress blog. I was able to do a fairly painless conversion from Blog to Wordpree by building my own ‘template’ to use as an import file.
This was great the only problem was finding the time to keep upgrading. and starting at Ver 1.2 there were some architectural changes with v1.5 that some times broke things, but generally for the better.
Then my free host up and left. Hence my recent quiet period.

To get to here I then used a wordpress run on Uniform Server on my PC to upgrade to the current WordPress version then save the export file and import back into

Posted from moBlog – mobile blogging tool for Windows Mobile


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